About Us

Dialey’s Medical Center is the first national private center

Dialey’s Medical Center is the first national private center and one of the latest medical centers specialized in dialysis in the Eastern Province, of  Saudi Arabia. which was established by Salem Balhamer Holding Group under the umbrella of Al-Jadara Medical Company to provide health care for patients with kidney failure diseases.

The center is equipped with the latest equipment and technologies necessary to provide integrated health care for patients undergoing dialysis sessions.

Dialey’s center has attracted Specialized and qualified medical competencies to provide medical service through best medical practices to enhance the health of customers and Society.

Chief Operation Director Massage

Since the launch of the Dialey’s Center for Dialysis Patients

we have been keen to achieve excellence and leadership in health care that focuses on the patients and enhance the health and life for him and the community. Therefore, we attracted specialized and qualified medical competencies while providing the latest medical equipment necessary to provide superior health care to patients.

Usually, we are keen to apply and develop Quality procedures and the protection of patients and visitors based on our belief in our national role and social responsibility to enhance the health and life for the community. At Dialey’s center we are keen to form strategic partnerships with local and international medical organizations and institutions, to exchange experiences, research and information that will provide patient-focuses health care.
We monitor all facilities designated to ensure the quality of medical care and the comfort of patients from receiving them to leaving the center, with a commitment to maintaining patients’ privacy, dealing with them with all credibility and transparency, and providing an outstanding patient experience, which we consider one of their rights and one of our duties.
The comfort of patients is the focus of our attention and appreciation to achieve our motto “Care for Life”.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading dialysis care units at national wide.

Our Mission

Providing health care solutions to individuals and society in accordance with local and global quality and safety standards, through the recruitment of distinguished competencies, the application of best medical practices, the provision of the latest medical equipment and technologies, in addition to close cooperation with local and international medical organizations and institutions and building strong and extended relationships with clients and society to enhance their health and life.

Our Values

Patient- Focused care.

  • Quality

    We provide our services according to local and international quality and safety standards.

  • Safety

    implement and development of safety and health procedures for patients and visitors.

  • Professionalism

    We are keen to apply the best medical practices and provide the latest medical equipment and technologies

  • Commitment

    We are committed to maintaining privacy, confidentiality, and all patients’ rights

  • Social responsibility

    through raising awareness of prevention and community health.

  • Respect

    We respect our customers and dealing them in honesty and integrity in accordance with the ethics and honor of the profession.

Our Team

The Dialey’s Center is distinguished by the presence of a qualified medical team of doctors and nurses with high levels of experience and professional competence and abreast of the latest medical techniques and scientific studies and research in the field of kidney disease, to provide the best health care for patients, and the center is keen to continuously enhance the skills of its team to be Always qualified to provide superior care to patients suffering from comorbidities such as diabetes and hypertension.

Our medical staff is keen to conduct regular medical follow-up and examination of patients, to determine medications and doses that are consistent with their condition, and develop their feeding regimen to be followed during the patient’s presence inside or outside the center with the support of a clinical nutritionist, in addition to providing continuous psychological support by the social worker And providing continuous nursing services during the dialysis session
Providing an ideal patient experience for our clients starting from the time they register at the reception to providing medical and nursing services, laboratory services, and obtaining any required medical reports, or setting and scheduling visits to the center, which is of interest and appreciation for all the work team.

Quality and Patient Safety

the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety focuses on implementing programs that effectively improve quality and safety and reduce risks to patients, staff, and visitors. According to the development of methodologies and strategies for quality improvement, performance follow-up, data analysis and identification of opportunities for improvement, the necessary development to ensure the compliance of the Dailey’s Center with the standards, requirements, laws and regulations applicable locally and internationally, which affect the patient’s experience and are reflected in the extent of his satisfaction with the services provided to him, in addition to facilitating training and continuing education and improving Quality and safety of health care services in general.

Our Social Responsibility

Based on our social responsibility, we are keen to enhance awareness of the  importance of maintaining kidney health and following the necessary health behaviors and to methods of prevention,  treatment, and periodic examinations necessary to track kidney health.
We constantly strive to participate or organize events, forums, and conferences related with awareness of kidney health care and general and health.