Dialey’s Medical Center is the first national private center and one of the latest medical centers specialized in dialysis in the Eastern Province, of Saudi Arabia.

which was established by Salem Balhamer Holding Group under the umbrella
of Al-Jadara Medical Company to provide health care for patients with kidney failure diseases. The center is equipped

with the latest equipment and technologies necessary to provide integrated health care for patients undergoing dialysis
sessions. Dialey’s center has been attracted Specialized and qualified medical competencies to provide medical service
through best medical practices to enhance the health of customers and the Society.

Our Services

Dialey’s Care Center provides hemodialysis service by using one of most modern hemodialysis machines (Fresenius 5008s or DIAX) to provide best treatment
services such as:

  • Maintaining the sodium balance in the plasma.

  • Use of the device for patients with low blood circulation and pressure during conventional washing.

  • Purification of blood from toxins and waste.

  • Reducing chronic inflammation and inflammation of the peripheral nerves. and skin Allergies and joint diseases.

  • Reducing the patient’s suffering from sleep problems and insomnia.

  • Treatment of high phosphate salts in the blood.

Our Team

The Dialey’s Center is distinguished by the presence of a qualified medical team of doctors and nurses with high levels of experience and professional competence and abreast of the latest medical techniques and scientific studies and research in the field of kidney disease, to provide the best health care for patients, and the center is keen to continuously enhance the skills of its team to be Always qualified to provide superior care to patients suffering from comorbidities such as diabetes and hypertension.

Our medical staff is keen to conduct regular medical follow-up and examination of patients, to determine medications and doses that are consistent with their condition, and develop their feeding regimen to be followed during the patient’s presence inside or outside the center with the support of a clinical nutritionist, in addition to providing continuous psychological support by the social worker And providing continuous nursing services during the dialysis session Providing an ideal patient experience for our clients starting from the time they register at the reception to providing medical and nursing services, laboratory services, and obtaining any required medical reports, or setting and scheduling visits to the center, which is of interest and appreciation for all the work team.

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    Latest News

    “Al-Jadara” launches “Dialyes Medical Centre” for kidney patients’ treatment

    Al-Jadara Medical Company, which is responsible for managing the healthcare sector at Salem Balhamer Holding Group, has launched the “Dialyes” medical centre specialized in providing dialysis services to kidney patients in the Eastern Province.It includes the Dammam-based centre; 14 dialysis units for men and women, in addition to 3 units for VIPs, and 2 isolation

    Dr. Neha Fathi Abdel Salam – Join of Dialyse Medical centre

    Dialysis Medical Centre is pleased to announce the joining of – Dr. Naha Fathi Abdel Salam, Registrar of Internal Medicine, and Nephrology – Master of Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Mansoura University – Egypt.Dr. Neha is considered one of the distinguished medical professionals due to her practical experience that extends for more than 12 years in

    Dialysis Medical Centre – awarded the final license of operation

    Thanks to Allah , the Dialysis Medical Centre has been awarded the final operating license from the Ministry of Health represented by the Medical Licenses Department in the Eastern Province, after ensuring that the centre has met the requirements and obligations necessary for operation.

    Contact details

    Dialey’s Medical Center

    Al Shati Al Sharqi Neighborhood; AL Khaleej Road, Nearby Al Ashraah Roundabout

    Khaleej Road – Dammam
    Saudi Arabia

    Hours of Operation
    Sa – Th: 08:00 am – 05:00 pm
    FR: 09:00 am – 03:00 pm

    In Case of Emergency Call